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01 July 2009 @ 11:53 am
An Cafe new single and album  

An Cafe has announced a new single that’s coming out on August 12th called 「夏恋★夏GAME」 (Natsukoi★Natsu GAME; Summer Love★Summer GAME).


The single will be coming out in three types:
A Type - Two tracks, plus a PV for 1800 yen
B Type - Two tracks, plus a live clip for 1800 yen
C Type - Two track CD for 1260 yen

They are also planning a special event for those who purchase all three items, called 「いきなりMeet & Greet」 (Ikinari Meet & Greet), which will be a lottery where the winners are invited to meet the band after their 「キングオブNYAPPY GO AROUND」 (King Of NYAPPY GO AROUND) and 「キングオブZEPPY GO AROUND」 (King of ZEPPY GO AROUND) shows.

The band will also be releasing their fourth full album on September 9th. The album will include 「SUMMER DIVE」, 「MY HEART LEAPS FOR “C”」 and 「AROMA」, as well as a number of new songs, and a DVD.
Both are available for pre-ordering on CDJapan, so make sure you check it out!

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What the heck is up with that blow-up doll on the OHP ... ? lolo